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Meet Ethie

Pictured in orange dress at Tsehai Design launch event with two models

Ethiopia "Ethie" Asberom is the founder and creator of Tsehai (Sun) Design. Ethie's passion for traditional, organic, hand woven Ethiopian cloth (Habesha Kemis/Kedane) and jewelry started at the age of 12. While living in Ethiopia, she designed and wore her own outfits made from hand woven materials. Her passion for preserving and celebrating the rich Ethiopian tradition of handspun cotton weaving continues to this day. 

Her focus is to preserve the ancient Ethiopian hand weaving art and embroidery by supporting local artisans. Ethie collaborates with the artisans to create authentic, modern and traditional styles.

Hand weaving is a time consuming and intricate process, every step is by hand from spinning the thread to weaving and finishing each product.

Ethie strives to help restore and preserve the beautiful tradition of Ethiopian garments. Her goal is to partner with artisans from different parts of Africa and help provide exposure to the rich culture by expanding the market.   

In addition, Youth hold a special place in Ethie’s heart. They are the future and the hope of the nation. Through Tsehai Design she supports substance abuse rehabilitation organization, Marsil TV.  Ethie’s long-term plan is to financially support and help build rehabilitation centers throughout Ethiopia to help combat the challenges youth are facing. 

Tsehai Design products are made with love and commitment to satisfy all our customers needs. Experience and enjoy Ethiopian handcraft products straight from the hand to your heart.

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